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As a top interior designer in Thrissur, Kerala, Civic interiors offer multiple services in Interior designing such as Home interior design, Office or commercial interior works, Modular kitchen, Interior designing of apartments, etc.

Interior design plays a significant part in our life now, producing our lifestyle more contemporary and stylish. It also introduces us to elegance and relaxation and helps to raise the functionality in our entire life.

Kerala's top interior designers make sure the inside spaces they're designing are always practical, safe, and beautiful for every single kind of buildings: houses, supermarkets, companies, malls. As interior designers, we also choose the colours, materials, textures, furniture, flooring, wallpaper, lighting, and other materials for every interior space or construction.

Kitchen design

The concept of kitchens has changed a lot. Now kitchens are the most advanced place in a home with lots of kitchen wares and gadgets. So now, it is essential to have a stylish kitchen.

We, civic interiors, help you full fill all of your fantasies about your kitchen with innovative ideas, elegant design, and the latest quality of products with a professional touch.

The utility of space is essential for the kitchen because we have to store a lot. Our team of modular kitchen designers develops a space-saving design with the usage of cabinets, drawer dividers, tray dividers, pull-out trays, rollout trays, etc. These will make it easy to store foods, drinks, gadgets, and appliances.

As a kitchen interior designer in Kerala, Civic interiors can provide all kitchen interiors like casual, sleek, and modular kitchen cabinets.

Bedroom and Kids Room design

Lots of memorable and relaxing moments are happening in the bedroom. So, the bedroom must be cosy, comfortable, clean, and fresh. So, creating such a pleasant ambience is only possible through designing a beautiful bedroom.

Civic interiors have experience of 23 years in Kerala bedroom interior design. We create your bedroom for your style, flavour, themes, and your budget with a quality finish.

Civic promises clients a well-designed space for wardrobes, personalized makeup or grooming space, beautiful and comfortable beds, and storage tables. Suppose you need an eclectic bedroom, cottage style, traditional bedroom, contemporary bedroom, modern bedroom, French style bedroom, Mediterranean bedroom, minimalistic, maximalists, romantic bedroom, Asian bedroom, and many more. In that case, we are the perfect destination for you-The leading interior decorators in Thrissur.

Kids rooms are another world. Design kids' space is fun and challenging. Civic Interiors take kids area to the next level by designing study area, Right wallpaper for their interest, wardrobes, lighting, play area, toy storage, and beds. Our design will provide you with the best value for money.

Dining area Design

Much like the kitchen, the dining space is the Centre of the home. It's where you like yummy meals and revels in quality time as a family, so it only fits that you'd need a clutter-free space that's filled with fashion. There are a lot of things related to the mood and ambience of the dining space. As one of the best home interior designers in Thrissur, Civic interiors will take care of all things related to the dining area carefully like dining table, dining sheet, Seating and chair style, crockery style, colour theme, lighting, washing area, and other hygiene requirements. We ensure that your dining area is your choice and not a replica or copy of another design. We at civic interiors pay close attention while designing such a special space of your home.

Living Room Design

The living area is a multipurpose space of a house. It is a space for gathering with family members, for entertainment and to receive friends and guests. The living area reflects your personality, so it is a crucial area for any interior designer. Each individual differs, and the location where he's going to devote the most of his time must be flawlessly according to his wishes and trends—some like exceptionally modern setting with contemporary digital appliances; a few desire vibrant configurations with oriental Appearance. Civic interiors have an expert panel of designers and carpenters who can help you set an elegant living room with suitable couch, lightings, tables, couch pillows, tv units etc.

Office Interior Designing

In the old days, offices are a boring place with white walls and standard furniture. But when the arrival of corporate culture and rise of start-ups, MNCs and co-working spaces, the whole picture was changed.

Employees spend more than half of their life in offices. So, the company have to set up a calm and mind freshening atmosphere and space for them for more productivity. Now interior designs are the identity of several brands like Restaurant chains, Banks, Vehicle showrooms etc.

Civic interiors are one of the best office interior design companies in Thrissur with highly qualified and skilled designers. We take care of your office's front office design, employee cabin, seating and tables, cafeteria, ceiling style, conference hall and many more concerning your sector, colour theme etc.

From planning the fundamental design and spaces to indicating the most flexible furniture that suits the area, we excel in providing complete solutions regarding office interior design. Our focus is always on developing the right ambience for workers to operate through the day.

Why civic interiors for make your dream into reality?

Civic interiors is the best interior designers in Thrissur with high success rate and he massive number of satisfied customers. We are specialized in :

 Designing of Residential and Commercial Space

 Remodelling, Consultation and planning

 Provision of Colour and Materials

 Execution of all Interior Specifications



Our specialities are

 Planning the design based on client interaction

 Summarization of budgetary plan

 Updates to Client on the progress and quality of work

 Ensuring completion and handing over of project within the stipulated time

Enjoy the next level of interior experience with our 23 years of excellence...

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